Beer and Books

This is the section where we chose a beer with flavours reminiscent of certain books.

I've chosen Jane Eyre and Modus Operandi by Wild Beer Co! Modus Operandi is a wild update of an old English style ale, the unpredictability of the wild yeasts reminds me of the unpredictable happenings at Thornfield.

Both beer and books are firsts, MO being the debut beer from the brewery and Jane Eyre being the first published novel by Charlotte Brontë. Just as Rochester tumbles from his horse into the book, so does the tart sourness tumble into the palette, surrounded by sweetness.

One reason why I believe these two to fit perfectly is the oak flavours, and the redness. The beer has a slight red glow when held up to light, cherry flavours, and a red bottle design, whilst the eponymous heroine Jane can't seem to escape the colour red; the red room, the 'crimson couches’ in Thornfield, and the recurring motif of fire.

Both can be described as gothic, haunting, and old but innovative classics!