Beer Cafe and Future Plans

As most of you will know our pop up ‘beer cafe’ has ended now, as we ran the drinks on site through a temporary events licence which only permits 21 days a year. The aim of the pop-up was to test the water as to how many people in the area would like somewhere to sit and drink; we’re very proud to say that we are now in the process of applying for a permanent license for the shop, so come the beginning of July we will be doing drinks on site again.

Firstly, we’d like to thank all of you who came down throughout May for a drink! The support and enthusiasm we received exceeded our wildest expectations, many of the kegs were finished over a few days, some being consumed in 12 hours! We have been overwhelmed with the popularity of the beer on taps and were fortunate enough to get in some incredible beers from the likes of Brockley, London Beer Factory, Villages, Gypsy Hill, One Mile End, Hopstuff, London Beer Lab and Deya! Also massive thank you to Brockley Brewery for lending us the Lindr machine and Gypsy Hill for the gas connectors. We owe another huge thank you to the Rambling Rose, our next door neighbour, who provided us with a rotating floral beer garden during the daytimes.

It was such fun for us to be able to chat and chill with everyone who came in for a drink, this was something we’d been looking forward to the most as often the nature of takeaway bottle shops can mean conversation doesn’t have the space to thrive. We also loved seeing different groups of our regular customers sitting with each other and talking about the beer, it really was such a lovely environment. Thank you to everyone who got the word out through local Facebook forums, to those of you who told their friends about what we were doing, and to anyone who advertised us in any other way! It made such a difference and was incredible to hear of other people traveling over based on the recommendation of their peers.

We look forward to the revival of the beer cafe next month and stay tuned for more exciting news of future plans and projects! Thanks guys!

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