Beer Of The Week - 10th June

Emily's Pick of the Week - O/O Brewing, Pretty, 5.5%, Pale Ale

My pick of the week is Pretty by O/O Brewing, a 5.5% pale ale from Sweden. This is one of my favourite beers we stock, it's fresh, slightly bitter with citrus and pineapple notes to finish. For me the hop aromas balance out with the bitterness perfectly to give it depth, making it complex and refreshing at the same time.

The label for this beer is pretty awesome too, the brightly coloured design definitely makes it stand out!

Matt's Pick of the Week - Brick Brewery, Strawberry and Cucumber Sour, 4.5%, Kettle Sour

For me Brick Brewery are creating some absolutely beautiful sour beers with their new monthly release. We've had plenty in before and some stand outs were the Watermelon and Lime and the Rhubarb Sours.

This month sees Strawberry and Cucumber, in (as always) a lovely art deco can wrap. What I really enjoy about this sour is that it's perfect for the hot weather, its light, refreshing, with the added lactose making it slightly sweet. You get a big hit of toxic waste sweets that isn't overly sour but just right.

It's a shame its a monthly special as this would be great all summer, though I am looking forward to next months and to see what great art deco design will be wrapped around the can.