Beer of the Week - 6th August

Hanssens Artisanaal - Oudbeitje


Strawberry Lambic

Emily Says: I really enjoyed this tart number, it was full of the fruity flavours I love. I found that the beer hit certain flavours at different points of the palette, at the front of the palette was the fruity sourness expected, at the middle there was a sweet strawberry taste, and at the back the beer finished on a dry tart sensation.

Matt Says: I'm a big fan of Lambics. I prefer the tart, dry and crisp sour ones over the fruit driven sweeter Kriek and Framboise styles. So going into this I wasn't overly excited, however I was wrong to judge early. This beer is solid, big sourness, nice dryness with a hint of oak and a very subtle sweet strawberry flavour during the middle. It's a great beer for those looking for a little sweet depth to their Lambics and not a overly fruity number.