Beer of the Week - 4th June!

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

Siren Craft Brew - Affogato


Coffee & Ice Cream Ale

Matts Says: Siren combined with Quarter Horse Coffee to create a beery twist on the Italian classic: Affogato! The result is a creamy, almost biscuity taste with lactose for sweetening and thickness, chocolate, coffee and roast notes to add depth. Like liquid ice cream, absolutely lovely.

Emily Says: Tastes like a coffee ice cream, sweet, soft and with a coffee kick to it, in the heat this beer is perfect. Can't wait to tuck into the other three from this series.

We’ll be releasing this on Tuesday so keep your eyes out, and if you would like to reserve one, send us an email! We’ve also got the remaining three beers from Siren’s Project Barista, Capheine, Breakfast Shake and Cold Brew.