Beer of the Week - 18th June

Updated: Jul 8, 2018

Garage Brewing, Politica


Barcelona Weisse

Emily: my first reaction was “oooh f*** me, thats good”. Smells almost like a farmhouse sour but tastes like a kettle sour!

Matt: “its just beautiful” not as fruit heavy as I thought, but that’s probably a good thing as the beer isn’t overwhelmed with the sweetness that fruity beers can harbour.

This beer is soooo refreshing, with strong mango and passionfruit flavours coming through but they don’t dominate the palette. There's a tropical fruit, almost herbal quality to it, with lots of sourness. Very smooth, tart and mango finish. If you like your sours this is definitely one for you. Also if you haven’t had a Berliner Weisse this is a great shout as it’s probably the best example of the style we've tasted, with a nice added fruit twist.

If you or someone you know doesn’t particularly like beer we’d recommend this number as its got notes of a riesling wine but finishes almost like a dry cider.