Emily's Pick of the Week - 15th July

My pick of the week is not available in store, with good reason. Boutilliers & Affinity Brew Co teamed up to make two beers in a protest against Donald Trump visiting the U.K. First was July 13th, a Blood Orange and Cranberry Saison brewed at Affinity Brew Co, and the other was Cat Snatcher, a passionfruit and Orange Saison brewed at Boutilliers.

The beers tasted absolutely great. As I've probably mentioned before, I'm not the biggest fan of saisons, but these two had enough fruit flavour to emphasise the natural smoothness which the style itself brings to the palette, without being overloaded in cloviness.

Obviously my favourite thing about the beer was their message, fuck Trump. The can designs were also filled with cheeky little finger ups, such as Cat Snatcher's 'white privilege EBC' sticker.