Emily's Pick of the Week - 8th July

It's nice that we can now have keg beer in the shop, being able to try beers that aren't always available in bottle and cans has been great fun. Burnt Mill Brewing, Pintle has been one of them. We have had this awesome beer in before in 440ml cans but sometimes we are unable to always get small packaged beer in. So when I heard that Matt had ordered a keg in, I was very happy.

What I like about Burnt Mill is they remind me a little of London based brewery The Kernel, they produce a pale ale that isn't in your face full of fruit juice and softness. This beer brings a nice subtle citrus, peach and pine bitterness that is then complimented by a slightly sweet caramel malt backbone. For me this is a brewery to watch out for, if you see it in a can or on tap, grab a pint, sit back and enjoy.