Matt's Pick of the Week - 24th June

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

Other than a crisp pilsner, the summer is all about saisons. That crisp, light beer with a heavy hit of Belgium fruit and spicy esters from the Belgium yeast, Canopy Brew Co's You'll Be Fine has all of that, nice spice and grape flavours on the pallet that leads to a nice dry wine finish thanks to this awesome beer being aged on Chardonnay lees.

It's not as light as the Brew By Numbers or Affinity Brewing Co. saisons we currently have in, this beer has a bit of an ore rustic malt profile that works wonders with the ageing process. It's a great beer to have over dinner if you were looking for a wine alternative.

I'm looking forward to trying more of the Belgium pales over the coming months as the sun beats down; I've had one too many pilsners and need something to mix it up with!