Matt's Pick of the Week - 17th June

Updated: Jun 30, 2018

The weather is wonderful at the moment, nice, hot, sunny days. I even have a slight tan (though it is little bit more red than an actual tan) What I love about sunny days is relaxing with a cold beer after a days work. This week, thanks to the awesome weather, it has been hard to pick one beer for me for my pick of the week. So I'm going with two, only because one is my summer beer of choice and the other is a one-off brew that tastes like a Solero in a glass, which is pretty summery in my books.

I'll start with my summer beer choice, which is from Bristol based brewery Lost & Grounded and their Keller Pils. For me, sitting in the back garden with the BBQ going and sipping on a refreshing lager is what I love about the summer, and that's what Keller Pils is made for, those days when you want a no frills attached beer that tastes fantastic and you can drink all day.

This beer is light, refreshing and easy drinking, reminds me of the Kellerbiers I had in Munich, comes with a slight haze from it being unfiltered but packs a nice noble, grassy hop flavours from the traditional German hops used. Lost & Grounded put it perfectly "Sometime's the simple things in life are the best" and that is exactly what this beer is!

Now let's talk a Solero in a glass with this next beer. Northern Monk have always produced great beers and what I really enjoy about this brewery from Leeds is their Patrons Project series. Northern Monk team up with artist, photographers, runners and even donut shops to bring us an awesome beer that's wrapped in an amazing label.

Now Patrons Project 2.05 (Lost Highway) is no different, the label is designed by Nomad Clan, an internationally-acclaimed street art collective, and brewed in collaboration with 7 Islands, a rising star of European craft brewing, coming out of Greece. The beer itself is a Passion Fruit, Mango, Milk Sugar & Vanilla IPA. It smells and looks like a Solero, with a beautiful golden orange & yellow hue to it, with ripe mango and passion fruit on the nose and on the taste buds, the milk sugar and vanilla bring in that ice cream flavours and sweetness and all of a sudden you have a dessert in a glass.