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New Year, New Us!

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

First off, Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a great start to 2023. This year is going to be a big one for us at the Three Hounds with an expansion on the horizon including our own in-house brewery. We have also decided to start a little weekly blog letting you know what is going on at Three Hounds, as well as, what's happening in the industry, from events to what breweries are up to.

What’s Happening At The Three Hounds?

We have been cuckoo brewing for the past 5 years and have enjoyed every moment. This has allowed us to gain knowledge to develop a brewhouse that suits our brewing style. We have worked with the likes of By The Horns, Brockley Brewery, Phantom Brew, Southey Brewing and currently brew out of Affinity Brew and Dogs Grandad both based in Brixton. Each brewery runs slightly different, uses different equipment, ingredients and processes to produce their amazing beers. This has given us the opportunity to see what we like, how we want our brewhouse to be built and the beers we would love to brew.

However, this year we are looking to bring our brewing in-house to enable us to have our award-winning Pendulum on tap all year round and allow us to keep brewing new and exciting beers. We believe that we have found a location and hopefully have a more in depth look at what our brewhouse will be like in future posts.

The bar this week also got a lick of paint and more excitingly 2 new taps. This brings our draught range up to 14 Beer Taps & 2 Cask Taps. We decided to add an extra two lines to enable us to offer a non-alcoholic beer and a Belgian beer on tap all year round. We’ve been big fans of the Belgian beers since the start and currently have around 42 Belgian beers in bottles for you to enjoy and now we will have a rotating line for you to appreciate too. Over the past year we have seen an increase in people drinking lower abv beers, 5% or less compared to previous years where big IPAs and DIPAs were more popular at the bar. We believe this trend will continue as more people are cutting their consumption of alcohol down. This is due to many factors from health to cost of living, because of this we want to be able to offer a non-alcoholic beer by the pint alongside our already established small pack range of 14 different beers. We are starting this journey with Northern Monk and their Holy Faith, a 0.5% on-alcoholic Hazy Pale. We haven’t decided on which 0.5% beer we want to have permanently yet so over the coming months we will be exploring different options including the new AF beer from local brewery Gipsy Hill.

What We Brewing, What We Gonna Brew?

We had Batch 003 land on Friday just gone which has been going down a treat. This was Rob's first recipe which was influenced by the classic West-Coast style Pale. Columbus, Chinook & Centennial bring all the nostalgia of Floral, Pine, Citrus and Dank vibes on a clean bitter finish. It went down so well we cleared 52 pints on Friday night alone. This week however, sees Batch 004 coming out on Friday which is our first venture into the Stout game with a Peanut Butter & Dark Chocolate Stout coming in at 4.7%. Dark, indulgent and dessert in a glass is what we are aiming for.

Final Words

That’s really it for this week. We have been painting and decorating the bar and if we're honest by the time that’s done, we are a little tired and ready to relax and we haven’t been able to catch up with what's going on in the industry. We will be back next week with more news, more stories and we should have news on a brand new comedy night coming to the bar. So keep being awesome and thank you very much for reading.


Matt & the Three Hounds Team!


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